Soldatova admitted that she has a psychological disorder

Soldatova admitted that she has a psychological disorder

By admin

31 Aug 2018

Russian gymnast Alexandra Soldatova said that she has been suffering from bulimia for more than two years.

Bulimia is a mental illness characterized by an eating disorder. The main sign of the disease is a constant feeling of hunger and, as a result, overeating. After overeating, the patient experiences a strong sense of guilt, so he tries to “cleanse” the body: he drinks laxatives and diuretics, artificially induces vomiting, and does a lot of sports.

- This story lasts for two years, I have my own ailment. And it’s very difficult for me to talk about it. In addition to sports components - fractures, injuries, I had my other illness, which constantly interfered with me. I only told the trainers in 2018, for several months I tuned in to admit to them that I really needed help.

- For more than two years I have been suffering from bulimia, it is a very terrible disease. When I told the coach Anna Vyacheslavovna Dyachenko, she cried, talked with her for about three to four hours. I am very grateful to Anna Vyacheslavovna and Irina Aleksandrovna Viner-Usmanova, they very much support me. Every time I had a choice - health or sport, I always chose sport. - Soldatova said.