Maria Tolkacheva: “After the Olympics in Rio, I thought for a long time whether to pursue a career or not”

Maria Tolkacheva: “We have promising young girls, but now it’s a very difficult period for them”

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31 Aug 2018

Russian gymnast Maria Tolkacheva shared her opinion on the prospects of a new generation of athletes in the national rhythmic gymnastics team.

We have very promising young girls who performed at the Junior World Cup in Moscow last year,” Tolkacheva said in a conversation with - "But now it’s a very difficult period for them, because they are moving from juniors to seniors, and these are completely different burdens and requirements. So for now, they are being rebuilt. Still, such a transition is a whole step."

Tolkacheva is the 2016 Olympic all-around champion, as well as an eight-time world champion.

At the past Moscow Grand Prix, the Russian team, which included Tolkachev, won 14 medals.