Daria Trubnikova - about her future: “Everything is already known upstairs”

Daria Trubnikova - about her future: “Everything is already known upstairs”

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31 Aug 2018

Russian gymnast Daria Trubnikova spoke about the complexity of performances in the Olympic season.

- Honestly, I do not feel that this is the Olympic season. I see how hard our girls are - Dina and Arina Averina. I see how difficult it is for them, and I don’t feel that I am preparing for the Olympic season. They are leaders, went through the whole cycle, God forbid, that they were healthy and they succeeded.

- This phrase about "everyone was healthy" ... Only two quotas for the Olympics. So you are ready to wait another 4 years?

- And what to do, everyone is waiting. So I'll wait. The main thing is to have health, and above everything is already known to all.

- Amina Vasilovna (Zaripova) at the last Olympics was with gold, you now have her main pupil. Do you feel responsibility?

- No, we don’t think about it at all. I repeat once again: everything is already known at the top. As it will be, it will be so.

- This is called fatalism. Daria Trubnikova is a fatalist?

- Not really, but what to do. Fate is already known, but not to us.

- But you work so much, you do a lot for the result.” It turns out that not everything depends on something from above?

- Of course. You just have to go out and do what we have gained. What we do around the clock, year-round, monthly, weekly. And from start to start, grow even more.

Recall that the 17-year-old Trubnikova won the exercises with clubs at the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix, ahead of the current world champion in this form, Dina Averina.

The head coach of the national team, Irina Viner-Usmanova, called the athlete one of the contenders for a trip to the Olympic Tokyo-2020.