Aleksandra Soldatova has took a break from her career because of bulimia

Aleksandra Soldatova has took a break from her career because of bulimia

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31 Aug 2018

Alexandra Soldatova, a four-time world champion in rhythmic gymnastics, took a break in her sports career in order to restore her health and permanently recover from a mental disorder - bulimia.

Earlier, Soldatova admitted that for two years she has been suffering from an eating disorder - bulimia. The essence of the disease is that the patient experiences a constant feeling of hunger, but he does not know the measure of saturation. After eating, he may experience a strong sense of guilt and try to “cleanse” the body: he uses a diuretic, laxative, and also artificially induces vomiting.

- After the European Championship in 2019, she said that she was ready to be treated, the hospital, whatever. They found a clinic for me, but I didn’t lie there for long, it quickly got better, and here was my mistake - I said that I was ready to train. But after training everything went down again, and Wiener said that I must first heal, become confident that health is most important. She was in the hospital for a month, constantly in touch with Irina Alexandrovna and Anna Vyacheslavovna.
- These two and a half years were very difficult, I missed the European Championship in 2018 due to a fracture, the body became so fragile that it was scary. At this turning point, I struggled with bulimia, recovered in a month, and in September won the gold of the World Cup. You can’t imagine what I see when I look at this medal. It was an incredible summer of 2018, I just believed in myself, like my trainers.
- I have a pause in my career, yes, I am in the recovery period, now my attitude is to be treated, not to rush. Professional sports and bulimia are incompatible, especially the Olympic Games, where you need horse health. But the coaches know that I want to go back and train, - Soldatova said.